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Could someone kindly give me an overview of the three types that are now available in the new NightBot? I thought I understood and since the owner of the channel cannot test it out, I just want to make sure I do have a good understanding.

Active User - right now, Moobot is the most active, so if I use that feature, will Moobot be selected? I assume that this feature leans towards those that are most interactive?

Keyword - the word that I enter for the “keyword”, I know there isn’t a case sensitivity, it is just that word or is there a exclamation point before it or? Can special charters be used?

Random Number - I am pretty sure that I do understand this one, but the process that I need to announce, "I am thinking of a number and the first person to type it in, wins!’ But, before I announce, adjust the range and then click “roll it”? In other words, click “Roll It” before they start guessing.

Again, I know that these seem pretty basic, but I have never used Nightbot for a give a way and I just want to make sure that when I do use it, the viewers get the best possible experience.

thank you

When people speak in your chat, they get logged in the giveaway system as active. Nowhere does it say “most active” so I’m not sure where you got that idea from. When you “roll” an active user giveaway, it randomly chooses an active user from the left user list. That’s all.

When you enter in a keyword for the keyword giveaway, the users in the left user list become ineligible to win (unchecks all users). Users can then enter the keyword of your choice in chat to become eligible to win. Clicking “roll” will choose from the list of eligible users in the left user list.

In a random number giveaway, you choose a minimum and maximum number. Upon clicking “roll” it will choose a random value, and then post in chat that a random number giveaway started and post the range. Users in chat then guess the number until someone guesses it… winning the giveaway. People can guess as many times as they want.

You should really try out the giveaway by opening your Twitch chat in Incognito mode and then signing into a second Twitch account. The giveaway system should be very easy to understand…

If I thought about that, I would have done that. Sure, don’t assume that everyone is going to understand a functionality as someone else. Documentation with some high level examples would have been helpful.

As I explained before, I never used NightBot and am unfamiliar with the feature set.

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Unfortunately we do not have documentation at this time. Considering this is part of a Nightbot beta and this feature just released yesterday, it makes sense that documentation isn’t completed.

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