Giveaways and Active User Issues

I have channel that does giveaways on a daily basis and we have an issue where the !winner command is giving the win to the same person each and we think the amount of chat lines by the person influencing your code. This because it didn’t occur with your prior build and even with the roll it buttons it has same problem. We’ve literally given this guy about 100 dollars worth of codes, due to rules put in place by our sponsor where anyone can win as long as they chat, and we want to know if there is a fix where we can win once a day at least, so a 24 hour win ban basically, because we don’t wanna ban him but our other user are getting discouraged.

we think the amount of chat lines by the person influencing your code

Thanks for making this assumption, since upon investigation you were indeed correct. That was a bug in our calculation, and it’s now been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience the improper calculation has caused.

You might be interested in using the Giveaway system inside the Nightbot control panel instead: Nightbot This gives you more versatility and options with the giveaway, which might make for a better giveaway experience for users.

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