Giveaway elegibility reset by stream crash

Throughout our stream, we allow our viewers to become eligible for a random drawing using the keyword system. However, sometimes the stream crashes and needs to be restarted; when this happens, Nightbot resets the eligibility. Today on our stream, more than a dozen people entered the keyword correctly for the drawing, but when we went to roll, only four people were marked as eligible. Everyone was set to be able to use the keyword, and the window tab with the giveaway was never closed.

This isn’t helpful, because the only other way to track eligibility without having everyone be eligible is to manually keep track of those entering the keyword, which is hard when you’re playing a game. We don’t want the giveaway to only be for those who are able to be in the stream at the last moment, because not everyone can be there for the whole stream.

Is there any way to remember eligibility across stream sessions?

The giveaway page does not reset when your stream goes online or offline. The only way eligibility can reset is by restarting the giveaway or refreshing the giveaway page. Data is maintained on the page so long as it remains open (not for the session, but for the page load).

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