GIF Emote Getting Ruined After Upload, Help/Advice Please

I’ve uploaded and reuploaded this emote a few times now, once resulting in my having to wait a week to try again and I am still having the same problem. When I choose the file I want for my emote and direct to the gif I have created, it gives me a preview of the emote before uploading and everything looks great, its readable it looks nice… perfect. After I hit submit however, the page refreshes and gives me a new preview, which is what the emote ends up actually looking like. The black text borders get erased in some areas, some areas turn greyish white on the inside, and the emote becomes hard to read. This is really ruining the emote if you ask me and I can’t seem to find any solution. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or am I just stuck with an emote that degrades tenfold after uploaded? Thank you for any help on this. If I could just get an emote that matches the original preview that would be wonderful.

Could you send the direct image so that i could try and investigate? I am not sure why degradation like that would be happening, but i can see if i can reproduce at least.

There is the original File. Looks nice when I choose the file but after submitting it just comes out not the greatest.

Okay, so i was able to reproduce. The reason that what you are describing happens is because on the page where you select the file the way it shows how it looks in chat is not the exact same as the way it is after it gets processed. For the most part it works out but for some gifs like yours, it will not end up looking right.

When uploaded the image gets processed and scaled twice, once to 56x56 and once to 28x28. There is no perfect way to scale down, and it was just a nicety that was added so people wouldn’t have to do it manually. To understand better how it will show up you can scale it down to 28x28 locally in photoshop or gimp or whatever, and take a look at it.

I will say that you can really only see bad quality if you zoom in a lot, and other than the slight white border i think it would look fine.

so essentially you are saying there is no solution? It just has to look bad?

When you scale down anything, it will tend to lose quality of lines. To compensate you’d always want thicker lines and more defined detail.

Because we support high dpi devices, some monitors will display your higher quality images, and others may not.

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