Getting Nightbot to reply whenever somebody types a certain word?


I was wondering if anyone could help me create a command which means that when somebody uses a certain word in chat Nightbot will automatically reply with a set message. I know that you can use !commands add, although the set word needs to be typed first. For example, if I used the command !commands add hi hi, and I then typed a message along the lines of ‘@(user) hi’, nightbot would not reply, whereas it would if I typed 'hi @(user).

Guess what I’m trying to ask is if it is possible to get nightbot to reply to a certain word, regardless of where it is positioned in a sentence (apologies in advanced for butchering the explanation). Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

No, such a thing is not possible in nightbot.

Ah that’s unfortunate, cheers for the reply though :slight_smile:

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