Getting a STRING from command?

Hello there! Im a youtube streamer, Im playing a piano for my viewers and they have a lot of requests all the time. So, instead of using songrequest feature on Nightbot, I need that “requests” to be displayed to me somewhere on the screen, in txt file, or any possible place out of stream.

I have a command “!request Added to the list $(user)”, but thats all I did. My moderators are hard working to catch all requests from chat and send them to me privately.

Is there any solution?
Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you.

You could try the [CustomAPI] Quote system

Recycle the Quote system into a Song request system that logs requests instead of quotes.

Thanks for a quick answer, Im on a good way to make this work! I already went there, made it all working, but i need fast way of deleting all quotes, coz the command !delquote clear=1 isnt really working for me.

Thank you very much!

@MarkoMX: So for the !delquote command to delete all quotes you need to add &clear=1 to the procedurally generated !delquote $(urlfetch) you got from the page. So a quick example would be:

!addcom !deleteAll -ul=moderator $(urlfetch

Swap the bc31f18cb13ac543 key for your own and you’re golden. Make sure to have 2 !delete commands in case you want to have one that deletes them one by one, and another to delete all of them at once, but of course that’s up to you :slight_smile:

The regular delete command would be:

!addcom !deleterequest -ul=moderator $(urlfetch$(querystring))

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Now it all makes sense, thank you very much friend! :purple_heart:

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