Getting a list of your current Playlist

Is there any way to pull a full list of songs of your playlist from the nightbot website?
In a document form or something instead of having to go page by page and copy and paste.
I have created a long list of songs on it, probably over 1,000 at this point and would
like to share it with those that ask and for myself.

Currently there is no way to export a playlist in the nightbot dashboard and such. Nightbot does have an api that would let you export that type of stuff though, i can try making/finding something for you that you can share with people, if you’d like

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Oh, that’s unfortunate. If it’s not too much trouble, yes please!

Sure thing, if i don’t get around to finishing it up Aaron128l (other community support member) has made a similar tool he was willing to adapt to the task. He won’t be able to do so until Sunday however

No worries! Thank you!

What kind of format do you want this in? Do you want everything such as Provider, URL, Name, Arist, Duration or just a simple “Song Name - Artist”?

Here’s a quick app I whipped up to just output your playlist into a text file. It you need more formats just DM me either on here or Discord.

Update (10/1/2019) - Updated application now at allowing for custom formats.

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Sorry, I was sleeping >< just the song name and artist would have simply would have been perfect. Thank you so so much! It works like a charm!

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