Getting a command to request a specific song?

Hey, as the title suggests i’m trying to get nightbot to request a specific song with a single command.

I’m trying to make a shoutout command for a friend which also requests their favourite song into my songlist, but I cannot get nightbot to recognise nightbot commands, is there anyway to do this? Am I just being stupid?

You can do this with:
!commands add !favoritesong -a=!songs request <song link or search term>

At the moment that’s only managed to sort one of the parts, my problem was not being able to get both a command and text into one reply ie the command !slc Go and check out blahblah at twitch.blahblah but at the same time the command requests a song.

It isn’t possible to request a song as well as output a custom response with one command, you would need to use two separate commands

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