Get a random Twitch viewer


after searching found this posted several times. i tried it and it returns blank/nothing (yes i write it with channel name) is there an up to date one as i think because this one is from like 2015 its dead.

Hiya, that url still works fine. It picks a random viewer from the viewerlist, no way to filter an ‘active’ one.

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Hey, if written like: $(urlfetch$(channel)) has stole Mayo’s slippy! that would call a random viewer? because it only callsback with the text “has stole Mayo’s slippy!” its not because there noone in viewer list as there 30 ish in there

Use the exact url from your first post. Dont change anything, your channel name will be automatically replaced in there.

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Oh sheeit… i saw from a post in 2015 it said replace “channel with you channel” xD
Will try it now and let you know

Worked! Thanks a bunch appreciate the effort you guys put in! <3

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