Generating code fails

Hi there

I’m trying to generate code to place into the CLR part in OBS but your website just sits on ‘generating’ then tells me it failed to upload it.

I tried it about 6 times this morning and now some 12 hours later with the same issue.

Any ideas?

Thank you

You would need some add some more info.

What Alert?
Did you fill out all the right info needed?
Did you fill out the info correctly?

The more info you can provide us the better we can start trying to sort it out.

Just tested and the code came up.

I’m using Chrome and have input the correct info (to my knowledge as you don’t really need to put much in)

I input my twitch username…I’m using your default flat image and ogg file and after 30 seconds of generating it says fails to upload image. I’m not uploading any image.

Just tried again and the same thing.


What’s your twitch name? Can you send me the ogg via uploaded site? I will just create the link for you for now while Dev is checking out things.

Hi my twitch name is Dvotee. I’m at work currently so will cant send the ogg. Do you have a standard one you could use?

Hi there

I’ve just tried to get this working again and I’m still having the same issue. It just tells me its generating the code then tell me it has an error uploading the image?

upload to imgur manually and replace the imgur link in the alert url.

and replace with the direct image link from imgur. Remember to keep it 580x110 or you will have to alter settings.

Thanks for the update I’ve been away for a few weeks so am looking into this now. A couple of questions I have is where within the code you have given me does it pick up the sound off the ogg that I want to use as I don’t see that anywhere.

Also can doing it this way mean I can upload any image as long as it 580x100 px

Thnx for your time

Also out of interest. I tried again last night at home and again on both chrome and FF generating code fails yet here at work if I try it without the ogg file it at least generates code. I did delete all history, cache etc last night as well but still no joy. Proving very fristrating as when you released this I did set it up OK but lost the code ;(

OK I’ve managed to create an .ogg at work and can generate the code on my work PC so I have sent to sound file and the code you generated on this site via email to mu home pc.

I assume that will work. If so please close this one off and thnx for your help

when i tried generating a code i got the error: Invalid channel name. Type the username, not the URL of your channel. i was using the chrome browser and my twitch name is Mrluckyduck22

It checks your channel name with the Twitch API to ensure it is valid. Make sure you are not entering any spaces before or after your name.

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