Gamewisp + BetterTTV Integration

Hey guys! I stream and I use gamewisp, and BTTV, but am not partnered. So i thought it would be a cool idea for BTTV to have some sort of integration with Gamewisp so we get Sub Icons or Sub-Only Emotes (etc.) Just to show that you support the streamer, because i cannot tell who is subbed to me or not, with gamewisp and i have to recheck the Activity page on gamewisp. It would be so much easier if i saw a sub icon next to them to notify that that is a sub.

We have an integration planned between Nightbot and BetterTTV, and GameWisp could integrate with Nightbot in order to give its users some extra functionality in both Nightbot and BetterTTV when that integration is completed. We made our Nightbot API available to GameWisp already but they have not yet integrated Nightbot on their platform. If/when that happens I’m sure they’ll make an announcement of some kind.

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