Full HTML Editing

So, I know that we can edit CSS in the CLR browser, but I was wondering if we could full on edit how the HTML is handled.

Like, say I want to edit how it appears to use an animation instead of just “appearing” and disappear by using an animation.

You can host the alert file on your own server, then you can modify the whole animation.

Does this work for Kap Chat though? Which is why I’m asking.

Yes this will also work with Kap Chat, it’s just a html page.

Maybe someone of the NightDev team can reply to confirm this method is allowed.
My method: Run the “Install for OBS” setup, choose your preferences, show bots etc. at the end they will give you the URL. Open that URL in your browser, view source. Copy paste the source in a file on your host, edit the external links and edit whatever you want.

Can anyone please tell me how I can edit html facebook page that isn’t mine? I tried to “inspect elements”, changed the “text” into whatever I wanted it to say, but it went back to it’s original text. How can I permanently edit the text? Thanks!

P.S. I am on a mission to destroy a scam group.

Not sure why you ask this here, but that’s impossible. The HTML is generated server side, so it will revert your changes everytime you reload the page.

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