From techincal side, why is there no single message delete support?

It is possible. As far as you have control over IRC connection, it is possible. The command is /delete <msg-id> and you can get using “Tags” capability. So I don’t see why there is no this feature, even in “experimental” state. Amd I suppose I can just write my own bot for this… So if there is any reason why removing single message is not suppoted by Nightbot, please let me know.

Nightbot is designed around a punishment system in which a user is timed out for temporary durations, starting with a warning duration followed by a configured duration. Timeouts on Twitch trigger all of a user’s messages to be cleared, which is why there is no “single message deletion” support. If Twitch made timeouts only apply to the user itself, we would be able to implement single message deletions in an ideal way.

So basically you’re satisfied with the way nightbot removes messages and don’t want to change it? If so, thanks for the answer.

There isn’t really a way to change it at the moment. Nightbot needs timeouts to temporary punish users like Night described, if a user gets a timeout, all messages will be deleted.
The user will not get a timeout if Nightbot only deletes that single message.

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