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How could I create a command where it resets after every stream, and It can say my number of wins in that day. If this is possible could somebody explain how I would do this. I’m new to NightBot, but it seems to be working really good in my stream!!! Thanks
I know that Svennoss, a streamer has that command but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere else.

!wins command help
Add Wins Command

Got the same Problem! I hope someone has an idea!!


If you just wanna have your stats in your Chat, i recommed this post: Fortnite Battle Royale stats in your chat


Hi guys, wincounters are possible in Nightbot with the $(count) variable.
You will need 3 commands, one for your viewers to get the wins, for example !wins:
!commands add !wins 0 wins

A command for the mods to add a win, for example !addwin:
!commands add !addwin -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !wins $(count) wins

A command to reset the wins back to 0, for example !resetwins:
!commands add !resetwins -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !addwin \-c=-1

Usage is simple, every win you can use the !addwin command, which will add 1 to the counter.
If you want to reset the wins you will have to run both !resetwins AND !addwin. This will edit the !wins command back to 0 wins.

On a sidenote… thanks for linking my other topic @Hodd, I’m working on integrating a win counter in there (daily/weeky/monthly stats), but this has not been finished yet. the topic will be updated whenever that’s ready.

Still slight issue with daily wincounter!

Thank you so much! Do you know if there will be a random livechat user picker for YT? Because everyone says it isn’t possible! I’m a YT livestreamer and i also wanna have a command like !slap user


Thanks a lot man and I just enter the variables into alias right?


You can just copy-paste my examples in your chat.


Ok thanks a lot man!!!’


To say for example (name) has now got $(count) wins. What would I need to do so it doesn’t just say 0 wins etc


Would there be a way to make a command !addkills (mods only) then I can have !wins: EnergyOpZ has x wins (5k, 10k, 15k etc) Thanks for the support man your doing wonders!


Thats possible to, we can use Javascript with the $(eval) variable for that:
!commands add !setwins -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !wins $(eval var q="$(querystring)";var s="0 wins";if(""!=q.trim()){var wins=q.split("%2C");if(wins.length>0)s=wins.length+" wins ("+wins.join("k, ")+"k)"} s)

Make sure the !wins command exist, or the above one will fail !commands add !wins 0 wins

!setwins 1,2,3,4
Will update the !wins command to: 4 wins (1k, 2k, 3k, 4k)
Use !setwins without arguments to reset the command back to 0 wins.


Wow that works like a dream! Thanks


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