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How could I create a command where it resets after every stream, and It can say my number of wins in that day. If this is possible could somebody explain how I would do this. I’m new to NightBot, but it seems to be working really good in my stream!!! Thanks
I know that Svennoss, a streamer has that command but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere else.

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Got the same Problem! I hope someone has an idea!!

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If you just wanna have your stats in your Chat, i recommed this post: Fortnite Battle Royale stats in your chat

Hi guys, wincounters are possible in Nightbot with the $(count) variable.
You will need 3 commands, one for your viewers to get the wins, for example !wins:
!commands add !wins 0 wins

A command for the mods to add a win, for example !addwin:
!commands add !addwin -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !wins $(count) wins

A command to reset the wins back to 0, for example !resetwins:
!commands add !resetwins -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !addwin \-c=-1

Usage is simple, every win you can use the !addwin command, which will add 1 to the counter.
If you want to reset the wins you will have to run both !resetwins AND !addwin. This will edit the !wins command back to 0 wins.

On a sidenote… thanks for linking my other topic @Hodd, I’m working on integrating a win counter in there (daily/weeky/monthly stats), but this has not been finished yet. the topic will be updated whenever that’s ready.

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Thank you so much! Do you know if there will be a random livechat user picker for YT? Because everyone says it isn’t possible! I’m a YT livestreamer and i also wanna have a command like !slap user

Thanks a lot man and I just enter the variables into alias right?

You can just copy-paste my examples in your chat.

Ok thanks a lot man!!!’

To say for example (name) has now got $(count) wins. What would I need to do so it doesn’t just say 0 wins etc

Would there be a way to make a command !addkills (mods only) then I can have !wins: EnergyOpZ has x wins (5k, 10k, 15k etc) Thanks for the support man your doing wonders!

Thats possible to, we can use Javascript with the $(eval) variable for that:
!commands add !setwins -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !wins $(eval var q="$(querystring)";var s="0 wins";if(""!=q.trim()){var wins=q.split("%2C");if(wins.length>0)s=wins.length+" wins ("+wins.join("k, ")+"k)"} s)

Make sure the !wins command exist, or the above one will fail !commands add !wins 0 wins

!setwins 1,2,3,4
Will update the !wins command to: 4 wins (1k, 2k, 3k, 4k)
Use !setwins without arguments to reset the command back to 0 wins.

Wow that works like a dream! Thanks

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