Fortnite win counter, but different

I’ve seen Ninja use a specific chat command which is only on a per day basis when he is live. It feeds back his wins in this format: “5 Solos (5,6,7,8 Kills) 4 Duos (4,8,2,3 Kills) 2 Squads (10,12,14,10 Kills)”. I’m assuming it also leaves out a category if there aren’t any wins in that category. I’m also assuming that if he doesn’t have any at all it is able to tell people “0 wins so far”. Is there any possible way of recreating this?

I believe that one is edited manually for each win. I assume they just copy paste and add a win to the command. Kills per match are unfortunately not available in Fortnite API, however if you want an automatic way of daily wins, KD etc. you can try:

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