Forever Pending?

So if you have bttv pro you’re suppose to get emotes approved faster, but I swear I’ve already been waiting 2 days for approvals. Is the bttv team too small or something? If I’m going to have to wait a long time why bother getting the pro other then for more slots?

Hiya, BTTV pro gives you priority in the emote approval queue and more emote slots. This does not mean faster approval. Emotes take anywhere from 0-5 business days typically, but can take longer depending on the queue’s size.

Mine has been pending for around 2 weeks or even more now. Last emote i submitted was pending for weeks aswell untill I removed it. The ones that are not pending get rejected for not hacing transparent background when they do.

Mine has been Pending for almost a month, Let alone i’ve had to edit emotes and re-submit , but the process has been going on for almost a month.

@golden_pleb Hiya, from what I can see all your denied emotes had a background… if you think they were denied unfair, post the emotes so they can be discussed. Your last emote is at day 9 of being in the queue, sorry for that delay.

@aaron_98gamer Hiya, re-submitting emotes will put them in the back of the queue, so this will make the process only take longer.

My 2 emotes have been pending review for agggggges! It’s been at least 3 weeks. Can anyone give me a status? either approved or not then I can make changes if needed?


Hello team
My emote has been around for over 2 weeks in Pending Review :frowning:

mine have been pending for weeks as well, this is just frustrating and my viewers are anxiously waiting. I’d like to pay for pro, but if its going to be weeks to get approvals, what’s the point? waiting so long makes me not want to use the service at all. you advertise 4-5 days to approve but 3-5 weeks??? unacceptable

Hey @binarydigit @lighty_hh and @himouto_life!

It seems like the approval team is a bit outnumbered compared to the amount of emotes they have to approve and the amount of time they can give it every day. Just be patient, they’re humans with jobs, give them time!

I’ve waited for mine to be approved for a bit more than a month, but things take time. I still have another one waiting for approval, but I’m patient. The approval team isn’t paid for this, you don’t pay for Nightbot products, just be grateful for what you already have for free! With the instant positive feedback social media used us to we forgot how to be patient.

If I can compare this process to something similar: I produce music and often you have processes that take months to properly release a track, while I can’t wait for people to listen to it. So I definitely know how you feel, it’s frustrating, but be patient, it’s coming.

@Emily i understand if they’re outnumbered but my friend has uploaded emotes AFTER i did and they were approved within 24 hours. There’s no excuse for that. If you advertise 4-5 days, and you’re behind POST SOMETHING and let people know you are behind and the approval process is running long. I understand that its a free service, and i would love to pay for the service, but i can’t justify it when approvals are taking too long with no mention of why from the team.

Unfortunately the queue is longer than normal so it’s a bit behind. People who are getting approved more quickly might be Pro users, which are prioritized in the queue. We will get to all emotes uploaded, but patience is required.

I’ve been waiting around six days so far for mine to get approved… I wish I could get an update or something at least through email.

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