Force nickname color

Is there a way to force colors to nicknames? I make overlays and sometimes it’s really hard to make nicknames appear decently. If I could force the color it would be awesome.

The “dark” style recolors names on the fly to be brighter, while the “light” style recolors light names to be darker. If you are using the “none” style, no recoloring occurs. Can you provide more details on your overlays, as well as some examples?

This would be an example :
http:// /8rVA1Pv.jpg (new users can’t post pictures, just removes the spaces)

Any CSS I would add to make it look better (adding stroke\shadow\etc) would make some colors look great while other would be unreadable. If I could force CSS into the nicknames (colors, force caps), it would really help.

You would need to choose the dark style and then add custom CSS upon that.