For some reason my custom logo I made is duplicating itself in the preview

Like, it all shows up just fine, but then on the right side of it, it seems to be duplicating a bit of itself as if it were trying to show an entire second image, but could only fit a little bit of it.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? Is my image too small so its trying to auto fill in the blanks via a tile type thing like a windows background option?

Any help would be appreciated. thnx.

Like, yes I do believe you image might be too small. you should really keep to the 580x110 that we recommend when you setup the alert. If you want a smaller image or larger you will have to change the resolution and play around with the CSS. We don’t recommend this because if you cause problems and troubleshooting becomes a pain in the backside.

I would highly recommend resizing the image.

If you cannot do this for some reason, the following css can solve the issue:

#follower-alert {
  background-repeat: no-repeat !important;

Very cool, thnx dude. That did the trick. <3

Thank you teak for showing him. Hands are tide as a support guy when it comes to non-recommended things.

The only reason I offered the CSS is because it really should be built into the alert. :wink:

I think Night leaves it pretty bare because most people just stick to the default layout because it could be overwhelming. I taught myself basic CSS to edit my alerts so in hindsight if someone wanted to do the same, a lot of sites are out their with copy and paste. More then not, you should suggest Night and the Dev team that and others. We are always open for ideas.

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