Follower popup doesn't pop up

I have installed it and everything it says in the instructions including &preview=true and when i test the stream or start streaming it doesn’t pop and when people follow it doesn’t pop up.

Make a completely new Twitch account when doing a test stream, and then follow yourself one time with that account.

There should be no problems with the follower alert, and doing the above should prove that.

I did just did that and it didn’t pop up.

I’ve actually had this same problem. when I add the &preview=true it pops up and is great, but when people follower (and I did the test account) it doesn’t pop up. And I am using the 32 bit version.

Also having issues with Follower alert. It pops up for a follower, but isn’t making the sound. also &Preview=true isnt working at all.

you cant use a capital ‘p’. e.g. ‘&preview=true’ not ‘&Preview=true’

Didn’t capitalize it in the code. just here, not sure why. I just tried it again, I saw the popup of a follower notivication, It disabeared REALLY fastm but i saw the word BAD in there. Didnt catch the rest. So something isn’t right in the link provided. And yes, i did make a brand new one.

Edit: Reinstalled the OBS plugin and it worked. Maybe a file inside was corrupted or something… Weird.

Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

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