Follower graphic alert showing up but no audio

Hey guys, so I created my new follower alert and also added a 7 sec audio snippet and followed the instructions. For some reason, the graphic alert is popping up and I can hear the audio through my tv/monitor where obs is located but the stream is seeing the alert but not hearing my audio snippet. Any ideas?


I have the same issue as well.

I went and re-did the alert once again (this audio stuff seems to happen quite frequently) and sure enough it’s all messed up. There is a huge delay between the actual alert and the sound it generates. Please fix ty.

EDIT: So it seems if you use headphones the sound is instant, but if you test this with external speakers there is a huge delay. Not sure why that is, might have to do with OBS in general. I can still confirm however that all audio is broken for all of my alerts, it’s really frustrating having to re-do every single one of them = (

Make sure you have OBS configured to record sound from your desktop.

You should post on the OBS forums, and they can assist you there. Unfortunately OBS can be a bit buggy with its audio in certain setups.