Follower and Host Alert not working in stream

I know there are a lot of threads out there, but I went through a bunch of them and tried correcting my issue that way, however none of the resolutions didn’t fix the problem.

Follower Alert URL:

Host Alert URL: [redacted]

Both work with the &preview=true however, when actually testing it with some friends and multiple accounts, nothing works. I’ve seen that sometimes it takes time, its been over an hour and still none of the follow/host alerts have shown up… I’ve followed the install to a tie, and just would like some help in determining the cause and how to fix it

Follower Alert URL

I tested this, and it seems fine. Due note that when testing this you must have it open prior to following with accounts you’re testing, and unfollowing and refollowing after it’s loaded does not trigger the alert. There are antispam techniques, so you must test with a fresh account, and note that it can take up to a minute for it to show (due to Twitch caching).

Host Alert URL

You should not post links with your access token, as you have compromised the security of your Twitch account. I suggest now revoking access to the host alert via your Twitch connections so that it expires your leaked access token.

Host alerts instantly pop up, and since you do not have a sound you might miss them or have them hidden behind another source on your streaming client. Make sure you’re also testing when you’re live, as someone cannot host an offline channel.

Thanks, didnt even realize the token was in there! I’ll keep trying it out. Thank you again!

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