Follower alerts sound works no visual image though

When i add &preview=true i hear the sound but there is no image showing. Can someone please help me with this.

Make sure you’ve ordered your sources properly in OBS or XSplit.


im having exactly the same problem in XSplit. Preview works fine but other than that i hear only the sound later on. The source for this is on top of the others.

I am having a similar problem and did not see a reason to create a new thread from it. When adding &preview=true to the end of my URL to test it in OBS only the sound is working properly. I can still see Test_User, but the custom image that I used in generating the URL is not working correctly. All that shows up is a while box that plays the sound and displays Test_User. The preview provided prior to generating the URL when choosing the custom image displayed it correctly, but other than that my image is not working.

I resolved my issue. My image was the incorrect size and the “white box” was a white portion of the image that I thought was a separate layer in the editing program that I was using. The Step 2/5 page in the follower notification portion showed that the image was sized properly but it really wasn’t.

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