Follower Alerts havent appeared on either this or twitchalerts

I understand there are other threads about this, but i am using a stock, basic alert, no sound, just to get a test and see if it would work. And yet still nothing, when i try twitchalerts there’s nothing there either.Im not sure if my OBS is installed wrong or something but it always runs fine. Its just i cannot get alerts working, any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need to see my alert box the link is And as stated earlier it is a basic box with no sound

Did you try adding &preview=true af the end of the url? If that works, it is set up fine.

It works as a URL if you add &preview=true but in OBS if i add it nothing happens

If it’s not working on OBS then there’s probably something wrong with your OBS installation. Ensure you’re using OBS Multiplatform with the Browser preinstalled. If not, uninstall all versions of OBS on your computer and install this one:

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