Follower Alert will not disappear after going off/test - Font Problems

I’m using a custom image for my follower alert, however, after hours of tinkering with css and not getting the desired results, I decided to re-design my image to the template. However, the problem I have is the alert will not disappear after it has gone off. Whether it is a preview, or someone actually followed. It stays on the screen and won’t go away. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Also, I am trying to change the font using the google fonts method, but it just ends up making the text smaller… Is there a new method to changing fonts? All the tutorials I find are for 2014.

I greatly appreciate your time in advance for helping me :smile:


You cannot change the font size with our visual alerts, since it automatically resizes the font on its own. If you try to change the font size (like you have been trying to), you cause the page to go into an infinite loop which freezes the page.

You can change the font family, just not the size.

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