Follower alert suddenly stopped working?

I was using the nightdev follower alert for at least 2 weeks successfully.
All of the sudden the link doesnt work.
It does however work whne i do the =&sample thing.
What happened?
I even re-did everything but now it doesn’t work. Any help would be great.
the example link is below:

The alert seems to be working fine on my end. Is there an error you are getting?

Thank you for the quick reply. I am getting no error. What should I do?

I just noticed that the channel name you are using is incorrect. When generating an alert, use just your Twitch username (not the URL to your stream).

ok i will try that. thanks. Also i use to be able to choose my own photo, now it does not offer me that option. Is there a way to upload my own picture still?

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