Follower Alert still displaying other parts of screen while in game

So basically I’m using my laptop to stream on, and have no other monitor (if thats a problem). I’m using xsplit instead of obs and followed all the instructions, but when I create a separate tab for the chroma key, and then check other tabs, it shows what that tab was looking at. Theirs a Gyazo reference below as to what I’m getting at below. So when I’m playing a game does that mean I have to have the chroma key tab as the only tab open, and cant browse other things without its popping up in the corner?


yes because you nee to keep that tab/browser on the alert for it to work right. This is the downside to xSplit compared to OBS because you can’t do the alert within the software. This is going to be extra for someone streaming from a laptop with no other extra monitor.

Ah ok, thank you. Is OBS much different to Xsplit? I never got it since it seemed difficult to set up.

it is different then xsplit. I prefer it then xsplit but that’s a personal opinion for the most part. OBS is abit more open for plugin devs to achieve things that xsplit can’t do.

Last thing. I installed OBS and followed everything for the steps to get the alert working. I did the custom center choice and when someone follows the noise comes on, but it doesn’t give a drop down display while I’m in game. I saw that when i minimized it was displaying the drop down display on obs though. Anyway to fix it so it displays while in game?

what? I am confused here.

Are you talking about an alert for you in game? or that the alert isn’t on top of the game source in OBS? You have CLR Browser installed right? and the alert setup with the link and css correct? Then you make sure the alert is on top of the game capture in OBS.

should be layered like this

Yep I have it all layered correctly, ill post links below. Is it possible that me having the game in Window mode could affect it?

Here the properties settings which are fine

And I know it works fine because in edit you can see it in the top left corner.

You cannot display the alerts inside your game. It’s only shown on OBS.

But then are these alerts at least shown to the viewers watching the stream or just myself? Because I’ve seen tons of streams where the name of the person comes up during the game.

That shows up for your viewers within OBS not the game… It’s like an alert overlay for your viewers.

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