Follower alert sound wont upload

I tried to upload my sound to follower alert on nightdev but for some reason it aint working and i get this message on the site
Error uploading sound.

Anyone know what to do?

From Me :3

Are you converting the sound bite into .ogg?

Stated on the alert steps

Sound must be in the OGG format. You can convert to OGG if you need to. Alerts last for 10 seconds, so clip your sound appropriately.

We recommend for converting.

If you are using Internet Explorer, use another browser. Internet Explorer does not handle .ogg files. Apparently Safari has been known to have some issues uploading .ogg files too, but Firefox or Chrome should be sufficient.

I didnt see the thing saying ogg i dont really know why or how XD But thanks :3

I am having a problem with the sound playing when I test it everything is uploaded correctly. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

you are converting your audio to .ogg right? and uploading that?

Yes I did it works for the way for xsplit but not OBS :confused:

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