Follower alert shows wrong

Hey all,

I’m having issues displaying my own made follower notification.
I made my own visual that will show a follow.
In the editor that nightdev provides the picture will just show fine.
But when testing it in OBS the picture will show twice as if it’s doubled… it comes out differently then i want.
Can someone try to help me out in to correcting this

The notification visual that I made is
When I test it in OBS it comes out as

As you can see the follow picture will somehow add a second pic beneath the bottom and it won’t show the blackness that I have in the original pic to the right.

Hope someone can help me out:) thanks.

You need to follow the downloadable template, which shows the dimensions (580x110)

mine does follow those dimensions and is still messed up. i can only see the top of my image :frowning:
please help i dont know what to do !!

I did follow those dimensions and its still only shows half of the picture im using.

You must make both the alert in obs and the image file you use fit in the dimensions. (580x110) If your image does not fit correctly it will repeat if it is too small or be cut off if it is too big…

If you post your hosted url, I may be able to help you further.


I should make the Original picture 580x110 ?

Yes. Everything needs to be of the correct dimensions.

its 580 what? and 110 what? millimeters? cuz im foing mine on photoshop so i need to know :S

or maybe pixels?? i think it might be pixels ill try that

Yes. It is pixels…

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