Follower Alert shows on preview not on stream

Hello people,
I use a single monitor setup and OBS. I designed my own alert with css and it works flawlessly during the preview stream test. During the actual stream it doesn’t though. New follower but no notification. Could it be the single monitor? If not please elaborate. Thank you guys so much.

Single monitor should not cause issues with the CLR browser. Make sure you aren’t testing with people unfollowing and refollowing as that will not work. Only new unique followers will get an alert. Make sure you are using Night’s CLR repack version. Also make sure you remove &preview=true from your link after testing or the alerts will not work. If all else fails try regenerating the link to the alert by going through the install process again. If new followers still do not trigger the alert post back here and we’ll go from there.

Thanks for the swift response. I will address the posible issues you mentioned and will come back with a resolution. Again thanks.

I’m back with great news. Your recommendation worked. My issue revolved around the link generated at first. It seems that during the process I did not wrote my channel name correctly causing the link to not work. I realized this by looking at the actual link before and the new one afterwards. Again thanks for the great and fast support.

  • For those who are experiencing the same issue and my above resolution did not solve your problem; I also tried uninstalling and repacking CRL Browser.
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