Follower Alert Showing A Green Screen

My follower alert is turning green on the screen on obs, it has always worked but when i changed the sound it turned to green? i dont understand why it did? i rewatch your video guide how to set it up. Nothing new that u changed how to install it.

PLease Help!

Use the big green “Install For OBS” button when making the new alert.

im doing that , still gives me the green screen over and over!

have been redoing it now by pressing that button for like 5 times now , still dosen’t even show my new follower and still the green screen , when im using the Test sound - it pop ups with the green screen + the test text and sound

it works now ! reinstalled my CLR Browser! So you can close this post i guess :slight_smile:

Me personally , it does not always work ! I re install CLR many times and yet I still have that green background ! How I should do to solve this problem?

If you have a green background you’re using the wrong install guide. The big green button on the project page corresponds to OBS’ install guide. If you choose the blue button that says “for other software,” the install guides you through setting up the system for green screen.

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