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Follower Alert only plays sound for first follower


Follower Alert
OBS Studio

While streaming in OBS Studio, Follower Alert will only play a sound for the first follower. The visual component of the alert works consistently, but all subsequent follower alerts don’t have a sound.

Testing with &preview=true works as expected.

Have tried generating a new Follower Alert URL.

Thank you!


Make sure the sound you’re using is trimmed properly, as it sounds like it is never ending.


It’s a 3 second long .ogg so it seems good to go. The same audio file has confirmed worked in the past, as well.

Not really sure what else to try! Maybe completely removing the Browser Source itself in OBS Studio & then creating it again?

Thanks again for the help Night!


I pushed a change to reset the sound to the beginning on new followers. Let me know if it helps.


Looks like the issue is still there!

The first follower functions as expected, but every subsequent follower only triggers a visual alert with no audio.

Weird! Any ideas?


I unfortunately don’t have a clue. It’s probably a bug with the browser plugin, not something we can fix.


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