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Follower Alert only appears for some followers


just the other day I installed the follower alert, and when I was testing it everything worked fine. I also have it on top of my other sources (I’m using OBS) so everything should appear as normal. However, when I streamed yesterday I gained about 10 followers, and the alert (graphic+noise) only appeared for two of these followers. These were new followers and not people who unfollowed then followed again to get the alert to show up.
If relevant, about 6 of the new follows occurred right around the same time as each other (someone started hosting me and several people joined my stream at once), so maybe it was a preventative measure against spam? I’m not sure.
How can I fix this so the follower alert appears for every new follower?


It does queue up new followers and execute 1 per 10 seconds. Due to caching on Twitch’s API, it may take time for them to show on Twitch’s followers list.


I also started streaming recently and I have same problem here.


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