Follower Alert No Visual No Sound

I recently built a new PC, used Follower Alert successfully on my old setup. OBS is installed on C drive as discussed in the video. I downloaded and installed the clrbrowserpack4, the same as I did previously from the follower alert install website. OBS allows me to create a CLR source, but when I paste the link from the website and enable the preview I get neither audio nor visual on my stream.

The link generated is:

Does anyone have any thoughts?

EDIT: Removed Log

Here is my OBS log. Let me know if that works. I have not posted an OBS log before.

If you put a different url into clr browser does it work? say

I attempted putting in into the URL field in the CLR Browser scene and it did not display anything upon pressing preview. I also tried just in case, with no luck.

I figured it out! Thanks Teak for your reply.

I watched:, and he is the first person to mention Flash Player being a requirement. As I just built my PC, I did not have it installed. Installed Flash Player and now it works.

As a thought, it wasn’t clearly specified anywhere that Flash would be required. I know 95% of people will have it installed prior to getting a stream setup up and running, but hopefully this helps someone in the future!

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