Follower Alert issues No Sound Or Follow Bar

hi im having issues installing the follower alert i followered everything in the video and used standard follow bar, but when i copy and past the llink in im not getting nothing come up , i have looked at other posts and cant figure it out ?
i type in pressed ok and it showed up but the lonk wont i installed in correctly any ideas ? because im loast

Hi, from what I can tell, it sounds like the alert is working properly. The alert is supposed to be invisible until someone follows, and then the alert will appear.

If you want to test your alert you should add &preview=true to the end of your hosted URL. This is for testing only, however, and is not needed for the alert to function.

that preview link &preview=true doesnt work and wont come up when i type it in /

You said works, so clr browser is working correctly. There could be something wrong with your hosted URL. Can you post it so I may have a look?

how do i post it up ?

cant figure this out ? from this mainly post editor and code button ?

From the Help->Log Files menu, click “View” on the file you wish to post (or open it directly from the folder), copy it, paste it into the forum post, and enclose it in [ code] brackets (select the log text in the post editor and click the “Code” button at the top of the editor). Make sure you’re posting the full text of the log in the [ code] tags, and not just a link to the log if possible.

Sorry, I was suggesting you post your hosted URL. The website you enter into the CLR Browser plugin. What you are trying to post is the OBS log file, of which I have no need.

I am having this same issue. When I use the base images for the Follower Alert without sound it works, but when I add sound or a custom image, or both, then it doe snot work at all when I test it with &preview=true.

ok i will do so setting my pc up now

im puting this in the URL

ok ive tryed using it without sound and it works why is it doing that ???

You should try recreating your visual alert if you’re having issues with the sound. Inactive sound files are purged periodically.

what do you mean by recreating the visual alert ? make one ?