Follower Alert Help, Stops working after one follower

My follower alert works for one follower than the only way i know how to fix it requires me to get a brand new link. Any help? I really like this feature to help me grow my page!

If you are testing your alert by following, unfollowing, and then refollowing, the follower alert prevents people from abusing alerts by following multiple times. Use multiple accounts to test if that’s what you’re doing.

That’s not what’s happening. Whenever i gain a New follower from a different account it only works for like one follower. I downgraded my version and this issue is still happening unless i unclick the source than reclick it then sometimes it works.

If you’ve added custom CSS to the source that changes font size, that could cause the alert to freeze. Are you applying custom CSS? If so, can you post it?

I am not. I am currently going for a fresh reinstallment of CLR Browser in hopes that maybe i missed a step. It works maybe once every 3 followers. Very weird and annoying.

after reinstallment device still only working for one follower then quits out. any idea?

Perhaps you can post your hosted URL so that it can be examined.