Follower alert for X-Split

In XSplit subtitles for scenes are changed using the option title.

You can paste the url of the txt file that is clean and shows only the message without html tags.

You can use this but it is in the html code.

It .txt version of this page? I would like to do follower alert in xsplit.

If you just want a list of followers, we have an undocumented API at

Limit is the number of followers to display, and channel is your Twitch username.

It is great to xsplit. It works great! But is version without digits?

That’s not what I asked earlier. Is this the way it be possible to display the alert last follower for 5 seconds?

The same as that but without the html?

There’s no way to display a new follower for a few seconds using an API. You’d need to have a client side application (that as far as I’m aware doesn’t exist) to update a text file and then empty it after a few seconds.

Digits could be removed from this api?

The API I linked isn’t configurable, sorry.

$apiurl = ‘’;
$twitch = json_decode(file_get_contents($apiurl), true);
foreach($twitch[‘follows’] as $user) {
echo $user[‘user’][‘display_name’];

It’s work enter link description here

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