Follower Alert Failing to Generate Code

I’ve tried to make a follower alert several times now but I cannot get it to work. I keep getting this error: “Error uploading image to Dropbox.” I have already checked my Dropbox account and the folder where it should be uploading is there but nothing is in the folder. I have checked all other forum posts and tried those out but nothing seems to be working. I have followed all directions. I am using chrome and the default images. Hopefully this is enough information to help solve my problem.

Try clearing your cookies and cache (from the beginning of time), as perhaps your Dropbox access token expired.

The token is still there for dropbox, it just give me the error:

“There was an unusual error that occurred. Try clearing your cookies and cache, and then refreshing the page.”

Make sure you are clearing your cookies and cache “from the beginning of time.” You can also try a different browser or incognito mode/private browsing.

I found the problem, I was trying to upload a .mp3 sound file instead of a .ogg. All fixed now and working beautifully :smile:

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