Follower Alert (Error Uploading Image)

I’ve downloaded the follower alert, following the instructions in the video.
I am just using the flat alert style and I don’t embed any sound.
However, in step 3, the hosted url shows error uploading image.
I’ve tried it for like 20 times in these two days.
are there any problem in the server I doubt?
Thanks for helping!

If you are using Internet Explorer, try with Firefox or Chrome.

I am using chrome …

Tested with mine and no issues but if you are having issues, try and upload manually to imgur and replace the image url given by our site.


and replace with the direct image link from imgur. Remember to keep it 580x110 or you will have to alter settings.

Thank you! I can use the alert now. I called a friend to help me get the link and sent to me.
But I still cannot figure out the issue why i cannot upload the photo with my chrome browser.
Thanks anywaay!

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