Follower alert Doesn't work

I followed the video specified in the NightDev Follower alert 3 times. after some time it would show the follower alert but not after every follower. once i looked into it the OGG file was not working with the sound either. Ive looked around on the forums and googled many things and peop[le say try the &preview=true and even that doesnt let me view it on OBS. Another thing i have been hearing is the alert window must be up. I have not seen or heard this from anyone except a support person on the forums. i googled where this window would be and no one has asked. i also looked within the program cannot find a window. I followed the install from the video as well as the typed one. both of which lead me to the same place with thye vival every now and they kinda when it feels like and still no sound.

I do believe you are confused on alot of things here.

1st, you are using OBS so you need our repack CLR Browser plugin for OBS found here -

as for the “window always being up” is mostly for xSplit users because they do not have a plugins feature for that capture software.

You have to make sure your ogg file suits the requirments (size,format,length etc.) we suggest using this site ( ) for converting audio files.

Follow the steps to get all the info need like the url with your username and image/sound and put it in CLR Browser in OBS.

The &preview=true is mostly used for browser but can be used to test the alert via OBS within the CLR Browser.

If you have done this and double checked everything over, please supply a OBS Log ( you can use this guide on how to do that How To Post OBS Logs )

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