Follower Alert doesn't pop up in Stream

Hey everybody,

I settet up my alert 2 days ago now, like the video shows it. I dont changed the CSS cause it’s called for advanced users what I’m not be. I run OBS in 32 Bit version on Windows 7 64 bit version. I want to stream LOL and run the Lol stream with 2 Scenes. 1 for champ select where i added 1 Follow and a 2. where i canned a 2nd follow for following dureing gameplay.

If i run the test in preview it works fine, but after reduce the &preview… and run the real stream it does not work. Only 1 Time a follower poped up, but not the otehres who added/followed me.

Maybe some1 can help me? Would be awesome, i think it’s a simple problem i did not catch :smiley:

Sry for my bad english at this point and ty for help!

Can you post an OBS log?

Hey sure, do I have to delete something from the log before ill post it here or do u need only a special line?

Ty for the fast help i fixed it now by my own :smiley:
Now i get problems with the donation alert, paypal gets the money but the alert does not pop up. Ill go for this now :smiley:
So Admin this topic can be close…

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