Follower Alert Custom Png not uploading

Basically I’m just trying to upload a custom png for my stream but it’s not work ive been trying for days to do :frowning:

Images are uploaded to imgur. If they won’t upload there’s really nothing I can do. Try another internet connection or another browser.

You can directly upload to imgur and then swap the code out that is given for our default images.


and replace with the direct image link from imgur. Remember to keep it 580x110 or you will have to alter settings.

Still doesn’t work. I had it working the other day with out a custom png but now the preset ones are coming up with the “error uploading image”.

this is what i have in my CLR browser

… like I said, upload the image to imgur yourself then change the url out…

try this

you can use &preview=true to test in browser.

like so

The problem you are going to have with your image is it is cropped strange. so you might need to change around the CSS abit to fit the text right.

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