Follower Alert code not generating


I’m trying to setup Follower Alert for my stream, however the code is not generating properly:

Error uploading image. Try a different browser, a different alert color (or a smaller image file if uploading a custom image), or a different internet connection. If you still have issues, try again at a later time (like in a few hours).

Checked the forums, and have tried both Chrome and Firefox with no success. The sound file I used is converted to .ogg format with the website dev recommended. No custom images.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :smile:

If the image doesn’t work, all of the possible fixes are listed. If none of them work, you’re out of luck. We use imgur as an image host, and images are uploaded via JavaScript right to them.

Alright I guess I will try other alternatives, thanks!

I have exactly the same issue… at least I’m not alone :wink: