!followage is not working for me

I have got nigtbot running and working just fine with all my other commands but on this command, it just says “murfzowkski is not following invalidvariable” or “for $(urlfetch https://api.2g.be/twitch/followage/$(querystring $(xapexact_rl))/$(querystring $(touser))?forma…” and I have tried many many different sites!HELP!

When you put $(channel) your not supposed to replace channel with your channel name it automatically inputs you channel name for you

I’ve tried that and it says this " murfzowkski, murfzowkski has been following xapexact_rl for 0 days" even when that person has been following me for 2 weeks!

Hey @xapexact_rl!

Why using $(querystring) exactly?
You only need to use $(channel) and $(touser).

Ok, can so can anyone just give me a link that ACTUALLY works plz?!

I just gave you the solution, and it’s not with that attitude that you’ll get further help.
Read what I said, apply it, and watch it work!

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