!followage command not working

It just says that the person isn’t following.

!commands add !following $(touser) has been following $(hilennation) since: $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/follow-length/?channel=$(hilennation)&user=$(touser))

this is how I have it set up, is there something wrong? please help <3

You are not using the $(channel) variable correctly. It should be: $(channel) not $(hilennation)

similar to this thread here:

okay, thanks but which one of the $(channel)? cause there’s two

Replace $(hilennation) with $(channel).

both of them though? I’m confused

Ah, didnt see your start post, yes both.

!commands add !following $(touser) has been following $(channel) since: $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/follow-length/?channel=$(channel)&user=$(touser)1)

it still says not following >_<

Ah I see, yeah that API looks a bit broken.
Try out this one:
!commands add !following $(urlfetch https://api.rtainc.co/twitch/channels/$(channel)/followers/$(touser)?format=[1]+has+been+following+[0]+for+[2])

oh that worked!!! thank you so much <3

Hey, I’m trying to get Nightbot to tell me when a new person follows without a command, since my twitch alerts aren’t working. Can you do this, or is it not possible?

Nightbot does not function as a follower alert alone, sorry. You might be able to use Muxy with Nightbot to do that.

Is there a version of this that gives us the exact date they followed instead of just the range in years and months?
EG: GreyRookTV followed 2 years ago (October 10, 2014 2:30 AM)

You could achieve this using two api’s in one command:

!addcom !followed $(urlfetch https://api.rtainc.co/twitch/channels/$(channel)/followers/$(touser)?format=%5B1%5D+followed+%5B2%5D+ago) ($(urlfetch https://2g.be/twitch/following.php?user=$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=d/m/Y%20-%20h:i%20a&notext))

Output: User followed 1 year, 2 months ago (dd/mm/yyyy - 02:34 pm)

You can swap around the d/m/Y in the url to get your preferred date format if you like (e.g. m/d/Y will show months first)

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