!fmk command in nightbot

hi there,

i am a mod for a close friend and ive been writing commands for them for about a month now but there is one im struggling with and that is a f***, marry, kill command, where it pulls a random follower from the link and displays it within the command. ive got the url and etc but it surpasses the 400 character limit as i paste the url 3 times within one command. i’d love some help on how to amend this. im not sure how $(urlfetch json) works or how to use pastebin and apply it to the command i am trying to create.

i successfully made the command in streamelements but it doesnt always work. it has a custom command variable already premade called ${random.chatter} which displays a random user’s name currently watching the channel but it doesnt always work and i dont want it to be restricted to people only actively watching the channel. any help would be greatly appreciated <3

Hey @me0w!

While there used to be ways to create a command where we’d select random users:

It’s no longer possible due to Twitch closing the API endpoint we relied on.
We’re waiting on a $(randomuser) variable for Nightbot.

I see. Thank you for your help. Would you by any chance know how to fix the streamelements one as sometimes it comes up with no users. Do you know when nightbot will include the random viewer variable???

I wish I had a date for the $(randomuser) variable, but I’ve got no ETA at the moment, sorry.
And we only offer support for Nightdev products, therefore I’m not able to help with StreamElements, I’m sure they offer support too.

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