[Fixed] Pass API response to song request

EDIT: I am not a smart man. I didn’t have song requests enabled, which would explain why it wasn’t working :stuck_out_tongue:

For any of you who are curious, this should work:

$(alias !songrequest $(customapi http://ytsimple-brandonanzaldi.rhcloud.com/$(query)))

You can also host your own instance of the server:

I’ve been working on replicating a command I saw on another streamer’s channel that would allow users to request songs by name. I set up a custom API to handle the search, but I’m having trouble passing it to the !songrequest command.

Current setup:

$(alias !songrequest $(customapi http://ytsimple-brandonanzaldi.rhcloud.com/$(query)))

For some reason, it won’t actually run the song request. I’ve tried just running this, and I get the proper video ID back:

$(customapi http://ytsimple-brandonanzaldi.rhcloud.com/$(query))

Am I doing something wrong?

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