First/Last Name Missing from streamtip Tips CSV

I exported the streamtip tips CSV file, and since 17 Jul the First and Last Name fields are all blank for donations from Twitch. All the older tips have them.

Is this a bug to be fixed, or will First and Last name not be present any more?

I have depended on those First/Last name fields.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to retrieve first and last names from PayPal at this time. In the near future we will be requiring this from users sending tips for the first time to fill in the gap.

The reason I have used First/Last name is it has been the only reliable way to know which tips are from the same person, since the user could put whatever they want in the username field (and often did).

Will the user be able to put whatever they want as their first/last name, like they have with the username? If so, it sounds like there may no longer be any reliable way to determine which tips are from the same person using the tips CSV file, which I have been depending on.

If it will no longer be possible to get First/Last name from PayPal, but streamtip will be requiring authentication via Twitch, then I hope streamtip will at least be able to make sure the Username field in the tips csv file is the actual Twitch username.

There will be an option to force people to use their actual username under the Tipping Page settings sometime soon. As for the ability to change the First and Last name, it might become a locked field once edited the first time.

That sounds like a good workaround if PayPal won’t give out the first/last name. A PayPal transaction ID might be cool to add to the tip log, to be able to find which PayPal transaction goes with which streamtip transaction.

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