First Billing Cycle - Thoughts

So I got my first bill from this last night. Was not all that expensive, only 6 bucks. I probably wont be using stream tips anymore at all though. I have had far to many problems from it. While I stream, the tip app almost never recognizes the donations. I would say it does 1/10 donations. If it wasn’t for Paypal sending me notifications and the alerter going off, I wouldn’t even know. Another big issue I have noticed is the amount of donations I receive. Its almost nearly half or a quarter of what it used to be. A couple people told me they had to sign in first, but I have no idea. Overall I have had a very bad experience.

  • Pros
    -Fraud Protection

  • Cons
    -Tracking App Never Works
    -50% Less Donations


thank you for your concerns, We are always growing when it comes to our products and feedback is always welcome. As for the tips not being picked up in Streamtip, have you updated to the newest release? I use Streamtip everyday and ever tip show up perfect. Also, do you have all the right info entered on the site and whatnot? I know it seems like a stupid thing to say but sometimes people miss a letter, period and so forth.

We are sorry to see you feel this way and hope down the road you see the good in what we are offering.


We do require signing in first, otherwise there’s no way to ban abusers from tipping you (if you remember on Stream Donations we never could prevent people from sending you money, only having the ability to block alerts). Signing in takes seconds, and if people do not wish to sign in they can still use Bitcoin.

Since the change to node-webkit last week, issues like this should have been resolved. There’s still a few minor bugs, but they shouldn’t affect the majority of users. If you’re having issues, I’d consider checking to make sure you don’t have both the old and new versions installed. When the node-webkit version released last week, it was eventually brought up that the old version remains on the computer. If you have both installed you can just uninstall them both and reinstall the newest version from the website. We also have some debugging instructions available for when you do have issues: Debugging the Streamtip Alerter (not the visual alerter)

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