Firefox - Connection failure

Literally unable to install betterttv on firefox.

I do not have any issue with any other addons. Anti-virus’s disabled/enabled make no difference.

No matter what i’ve tried i constantly get connection failure. I keep seeing this on the forums and theres literally no solution for it except use a different browser or userscript…

EDIT - Fix

Forgot to post this, and this post comes up on google when you search so here’s a workaround.

Download the .XPI file for betterttv. This can be done by having IDM and adding the XPI to the file types for auto-download.

Then just manually install the addon.


After MONTHS, this issue still persists and it is ONLY with betterttv. No other site/addon has this issue for me. Refreshing / new firefox install doesn’t fix it.

Same problem here, it appears firefox is purposely blocking the plugin and i can’t seem to find a way. You need to get this add-on approved for it to function in this browser.

That is a different issue… BTTV could not be verified for use in Firefox

Actually i get both errors, Connection failure when clicking the install link, if i load the .XPI location in a new tab directly Firefox just strait up blocks the plugin, either way nothing works. This has just started happening recently.

edit: managed to get it working using GreaseMonkey to install the .xpi.

It is not a bitdefender issue, i don’t have it installed.

I can also turn off my anti-viruses, fully.

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