Filter chat to "regulars only?"

I was wondering if there was a command I could make that would be able to filter chat to regulars only. i’m not really a programmer, but I did look around, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to add this functionality, but it does seem possible with userlevel, filter, and regulars. I’m working on my friends twitch and he’s not partnered yet but wants to have a non troll chat at times.

To filter chat to see only regulars would be an extremely inefficient method to remove a troll chat. For a simple fix I would recommend adding moderators in order to deal with unwanted users.

thats not an answer though. there is just “chat” where people can talk freely, then he does special things with just regulars, kind of like “sub wars” but since he doesn’t have the option to sub only, a lot of other people spam the chat too during this time. banning people from chatting because they’re being light-hearted trolls isn’t a good solution…

Well banning because you dont want people trolling for a short period of time isn’t a solution, thats what a timeout is for. That being said this would be an integration that would need to be something for BetterTTV to integrate alongside Nightbot and would have to be local only similar to all the other modes BetterTTV adds (localmod and such), unless you want nightbot timing out all people who aren’t regulars in the channel (that isn’t a good idea, obviously) and so you would still HAVE trolls in the channel and the mods would still need to moderate as the people who aren’t using this function would see the normal chat. This isn’t a viable option and there is no easy way to get done what you want to get done.

Nightbot isn’t on the client, it can’t do any filtering that you see going on, it can only time people out in this case.

Honestly, i don’t see a need for this, sub mode is bad enough imo but its understandable when a streamer thinks a (large) chat is too much for his mods to handle, but if you have set rules and let people in the chat know this and dont simply ban people you have an issue with, you time them out and explain why you will have a much better time with the matter.

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